Vanishing Me


A strange thing happened today, in that my right eyebrow disappeared. It must have happened overnight. I didn’t initially even notice it. I don’t usually pay attention to such things; my grooming usually concentrates on my immaculate hair and impeccable suit. The face tends to take care of itself, you see. A dab of moisturiser, a quick wash, that’s about it. Now, ties on the other hand require far more care. Sometimes I choose a full neck tie, other times a bow tie. The colour and fabric, the precision of the knot – these are all important things, nuances which declare my image far more than a mere facial feature. Maybe it’s about status; I am not sure. It’s not uncommon for me to spend ten or fifteen minutes scrupulously adjusting the knot, neatly positioning it directly between the collars. It was only when I arrived at work that the issue was brought to my attention. (more…)