Jesus: The Man, The Music and the Myth

Coming Soon

Adolescence is hard. So is high school; especially in 18A.D. The nervous, unpopular and pimpled Jesus struggles to find meaning amongst constant bullying and harassment, yearning for the love of his life, Mary Magdalene. Following a particularly violent confrontation, Jesus flees his tortured life in Nazareth and embarks upon a journey to try and find his father and his destiny as the musical Messiah, messenger of peace on Earth. After forming a band with his followers, he agrees to play in the big talent show of his high school reunion, hoping to catch Mary’s gaze. A story of discovery, prog-rock-soft-jazz bands, some narcotics, a touch of magic and the fate of humanity, Jesus: The Man, the Music and the Myth follows Jesus as the reunion approaches, and Jesus must race against time to find his father, make peace with his past, spread his message of love and, hopefully, win the girl.

The Best Little Detective Agency:

A Pinker and Son Mystery

Coming Sooner

Bud Pinker is a senile ex-alcoholic failed former private detective abandoned to imprisonment in a retirement home. For as long as he could remember (which isn’t long), all Bud dreamed of was being a world famous private detective. Such aspirations were crushed however, after his wife was kidnapped and murdered, causing Bud to befriend alcohol and fail at achieving precisely all of his goals.

His son Eli is a divorced college drop-out debt collector who has a healthy hatred for his estranged father and spends his nights wallowing in self-pity and attempting to masturbate to re-runs of The Nanny; his mind constantly dwells on his ex-wife Melissa for whom he desperately longs.

When Melissa is kidnapped one night, Bud recognises the hallmarks of the mysterious killer who murdered his wife back in the 70’s. Breaking out of the retirement home, abandoning his medication and entering the modern world, Bud forces himself onto the case and back into Eli’s life as he tries to break his one big mystery and make a name for himself. Eli’s cooperation hangs in the balance as he weighs his one big chance to win back the love of his life. The clock is ticking: will Eli win back the love of his ex-wife? Will Bud finally crack the case that will land him in the history books? Will they both figure out that ultimately what they had been missing all along was the loving relationship of a father and his son? Or, will they fuck everything up, like they always do?

Only sparse prose contained in a cheap e-book will tell.

Naked People Everywhere

Coming Less Soon

A disillusioned clown runs away from the circus in order to join a group of traveling salespeople. Believe me, there is more to this story.

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